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iDronam is India's first Internet Based Ground Control System for Drones.
It is an end to end solution for monitoring and controlling of drone
over the internet with cloud backed smart algorithms.

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iDronam for Enterprise

Dronam for Enterprise enable the industry to control drones from remote location to all over India for various applications.

  • Internet Control Drones
  • Drone Swarming
  • Fleet Management
  • Unlimited Range
  • Cloud Storage
  • AI Analytics
  • Alert Generation and Reporting Mechanism
  • View Logs
  • Scheduled Flight Plan
  • Single Panel Controllability
  • Secure Communication
  • Zero Maintenance

iDronam for Individual

Dronam for Individual enable the individual to control drones and play around with 4G/5G all over India for innovating ideas. Dronam for Individual is Specially designed for drone enthusiast. Eliminating the costly hardware.

  • Internet Control - 5G
  • Unlimited Range
  • Single Drone Connection
  • Generates Flight Plan
  • Schedule Flights
  • Live telemetry Data

iDronam for Agriculture

Dronam for Agriculture enable the agriculture sector to control drones with the power of internet all over the India for various agriculture applications.

  • Real-time spray monitoring
  • Flight path generation
  • Autonomous Flight System
  • Unlimited Range
  • Cloud Based Analytics for Crop Assessment
  • AI Analytics for crop assessment
  • Alert Generation and Reporting Mechanism
  • Scheduled Flight Plan
  • Fly and Forget Drone System
  • Zero Maintenance

iDronam for Developers

Dronam for Developer enable the developers to play around the R&D aspect of dronam. Developers version comes along with some ultimate features to control drones. Use with Cautions.

  • Internet Control Drones
  • Read & Write Drone Params
  • Unlimited Range
  • View Logs
  • Log Analytics

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